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Website Development

Socialplanet is a well-known digital marketing agency in UAE specializing in WordPress, Laravel and Java base projects web development. Our developers are highly experienced and have completed several WordPress, Laravel, java-based projects, delivering unique and high-performing results to our clients. We work with large and small businesses from all verticals, helping them convert their raw ideas into a solid brand image.

Web Development

Socialplanet has been providing laravel, java, and WordPress web development solutions for over a decade. With a knack for staying up to date with the latest trends, our developers continuously upgrade their skills to improve client experiences. We believe in taking an agile approach for every project to deliver robust and responsive websites.

When you approach our team for website development, we make sure that we build your website in a manner that is not only highly functional but also markets it competently. With the ever-rising competition in the crowded digital space, businesses like yours require custom WordPress web, development, core PHP  services that can make your brand stand out and give an edge over your peers.

Our team of developers and designers is here to take care of all the aspects of your website so you can focus on your business strategies and expansion. WordPress’s exceptional framework covers everything from website security to themes, plug-in, and custom functionality so that you can have an outstanding, well-rounded website for your business.

Using WordPress for web development comes with the following advantages:

Opportunity to custom design your website

Ensure a high-performing, easily navigable website

Top-notch security of your backend database and sensitive information

Easy administration of your day-to-day website management

Built-in SEO tools and plugins for greater search engine visibility

User-friendly functionality to facilitate non-technical users

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